The American Outdoorsman World 1 app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: Sound Marketing, LLC
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Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 23 Jul 2009
App size: 200.64 Mb

The American Outdoorsman Hunting and Fishing Videos...

View illuminating and educational hunting and fishing videos from The American Outdoorsman.

The American Outdoorsman TV show has been showcasing the best of the outdoors for over 20 years while picking up national and international awards along the way.

“…a superbly produced show. The show is informative, tells a great story and of course the harvest, a magical blend of it all. You should really check this one out!”

This sampler takes you all over the world to experience hunting and fishing excursions you may have only dreamed of until now. You will witness - fly fishing for massive Sailfish in Costa Rica; working the rapids of a Trout stream in Montana; harvesting a gigantic Red Stag in the Austrian Alps; a 10-year-old getting his first White Tail in Texas; an impressive trophy Oryx and some good ol’ boys bow hunting flying Asian Carp off the back of a boat. You will see all of these along with Montana Antelope, Peacock Bass, Black Bear, Oregon and Chinook Salmon, Colorado Elk, Alligator and monster Blue Ozark Catfish.

Enjoy these 14 thrilling hunting and fishing adventures from The American Outdoorsman in "AO World 1" - the first of our series. Stay tuned!

Pros and cons of The American Outdoorsman World 1 app for iPhone and iPad

The American Outdoorsman World 1 app good for

The videos are in great quality and the hunt or catch is always exciting. Plus the music is awesome!
Same great action as I watch on TV except its the highlights, nice quality. Look forward to more!
Theres a lot of action in over 200MB of hunting and fishing footage. Alot of value for 99 cents. I felt like I was on a fishing trip.
It downloaded smoothly and the vids are great. There should be updates with more videos though since there are only a few and are only 3 minutes long.
The outdoorsman experience right in my pocket. I love taking these to the worksite and sharing them with the other guys. They look awesome on this little screen. Looking forward to more!

Some bad moments